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He started his journey as a painter when he was studying art and at the
age of twenty, when he was in his third year, held his first one-man show with
a 110 feet long drawing. This was the beginning. He had no idea where to
go and what are the prospects. The same year he saw Raza show at Bhopal and that exhibition taught him how to see and the vibrant colours left an
impact on him. The same year he read Lust for Life and came to know from one
of Van Gogh letter to his brother Theo about the importance of colours.
Van Gogh wrote Future painter will of Colours only.

To understand colour
he painted with Black colour only for ten years.

His father was a painter and he had the company of Husain since childhood.
Husain later asked him to write his Biography and he wrote under the name
Maqbool became more popular than Husain autobiography. Since then he continued working and having at least 47 one-man shows to his
credit and many group shows. He has a passion for art and he encouraged
many young artists to come on the National scene. He never taught but
guided them when they are young, confused and having no clue what to do
where to go and also they do not have faith in what they are doing. To
motivate and to remain on the path and to keep them on right track is the
main work he is doing since last forty years. he guided them, encouraged,
organized their first one-man show, curated their shows and introduced
them to their future. We see many artists who made their name on the
national scenario are supported by him. In Madhya Pradesh he is the one
and only who stands for young artist without any doubt and support them
fully. This changed the game for many young artists.

His writing skills have inspired some young artists too to write and they have
picked up. He inspires and give courage to many young artists to find their
ways. He worked at one of the finest Museum came up after the
independence, Bharat Bhavan, which is a multi-art complex, for twenty-two
years and resigned in the year 2004. Since then he is having a freelance
carrier as a painter. His long association with Swaminathan, Husain and
Raza made him to see through and in right directions. With Swaminathan
he worked for twelve years and learned many things about arts and art
field. During the lockdown he has written a book Raza, Jaisa maine
dekha, writing biography of noted painter J. Swaminathan. A book of
interviews of Swaminathan and a book of art for children. He has plan to
write a biography of Raza too.

The game changed for him after working with Black Colour for ten years
and now he inspires others to change their game-plan.

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