What is it that you like more, acting or singing?

In my opinion, acting and singing is an impersonation. I love how while acting I can wear a mask that will make me someone completely different. Singing triggers the deepest emotions in me, it allows me to show my heart.

How and when was it that you decided you wanted to be an actor?

Even as a child, I loved the scene, I was everywhere. I felt most like myself when I could tell something to “the world”. In high school, I decided that this is my biggest dream and I can’t let it go. It was a difficult and long journey, but it was worth it. I am glad that I did not become a lawyer as planned.

Can you tell us something about your family and the people you love?

My family is the most important value in my life. My parents taught me how to be good and honest person above all. And, I cultivate it in myself. I know I can always count on them, in any situation. I give them all my heart. The same goes for friends. I’m lucky to be surrounded by only angels, because they are such good and decent people.

When you were first offered 365, what was your initial reaction and thought?

I was very happy that I was noticed and I knew that I had a great opportunity to develop myself and I knew that it will be a huge challenge.

How do you feel now after the huge success of 365, the most trending film of 2020?

I am glad that this is a Polish film and that it was Polish filmmakers who showed themselves to a wider world, including me. It also made me realize how hard work is the key and everyone notices it.

Are there any future projects we can expect?

In 2021, we are entering the set of the second part of the film, I think there is a lot more ahead of me and I promise to surprise more than once.

What’s your hidden talent or something special that no one knows about you?

I sing and I will say immodestly that I am good at it. My dream is to record an album in French and English. I write texts to a drawer, hoping that someday I will be able to share them, I truly hope that I will dare to, one day.


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