Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Antara Motiwala Marwah

1. How long have you both been together and how did you two meet?

we’ve been together almost 10 years now, wow sounds crazy to me as i say it but we dated for almost 7 & been married for almost 3! We met through a bunch of common friends & i always knew him as my childhood friend Sonam’s hot cousin from delhi. So we had been acquaintances for a long time before we started dating. He was really shy & i was always very outgoing!

2. In today’s time, what’s your idea of love?

I think Love has transcended from just being a childish fantasy or feeling to something more mature & real. It’s actually very liberating & not something that binds you if your nurture it well & trust the process. It’s an evolution of feelings, choices, memories & instincts & forever changing & adapting. It’s as beautiful as you believe it to be.

3. Is he as stylish as you are? Do you style him most of the times?

Haha i wish! Believe it or not, he’s the more stylish one of the two of us. He’s way more intune with the latest collabs, upcoming brands & trends, he inspires me actually in the menswear field for sure. And he’s very self-sufficient, he styles himself rather well.

4. Do you both compliment each other’s profession in any way?

I think we do, it helps that we both are from the creative industry. Also being a menswear stylist at home has been rather handy to him. We both get inspired by knowledge for similar things & our aesthetics are similar too..

5. Who likes to chill more and party more?

I think we have our days & moods. I can safely say we love to party & we love to chill.. happy to be homebodies most days but then when we rage, we really knock it out!

6. Who is the planner and who is the leader?
Moh’s definitely the leader, we are quite spontaneous as a couple however he likes to know his options & keep them ready.

7. What’s your favourite holiday destination as a couple and why?
I think most recently Israel surprised us, absolutely in love with the people, the beaches, the food & the bohemian style party scene. It’s such a vibe & almost stuck in a time capsule, its an experience. We also love safaris! It’s one of our favourite holidays!

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