April Face Magazine 2022

Every season stands for something exceptional. Each has its own zest, its own tint, fragrance, and sentiment, temper and most importantly, its own demise. And just as life comes to an end, so does the season. But only to give birth to another, which sings its own tales and chronicles.

Summer is here and we all know that in spite of being the warmest season of all four in a year, it also brings us more light and less darkness. Summer blossoms with its abundant direct light. Summer is a period of maturing powers.
For our April 2022 Issue, we wanted to create a ‘Summer Soiree’ for you, where apart from the ‘extra’ long days and the ‘extra’ sunshine, we wanted to shine upon have some ‘extra’ people who have outshone themselves in their fields, being it fashion, art, culture or entertainment. Let’s put our fans together and let some fresh wind blow away this heat with the super Cool Guru Randhawa on our Cover, along with many other breezy personalities featured inside!