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Interviewed By RISHIKA GARG: October 2021

Was acting your first love? How did you decide this was going to be something you pursue as a career?

For me, acting has been instinctive. At the age I decided I wanted to act; I didn’t really understand what profession truly meant! Although even when I later discovered what it is, I decided to continue acting as it’s a part of me, and who I am. I don’t see myself as the human that I am without it. That’s how passionate I am about acting.

Of all the roles have you played, which one is your favorite?

To be very honest, all the roles that I’ve played to date are my favorite! And I say that because each role has taught me something! And every role brings in a different perspective

towards life!

Have you progressed in your acting career as you have expected?

I always process information depending on what I look at doing next, and not with what I’ve accomplished and if that’s enough, it’s a journey!

Do you consider yourself a method actor?

Not at all! I switch on and switch off very easily! And for me, performing any role and every role has been spontaneous!

Tell us about your upcoming project?

Currently, I’m shooting for a very interesting Hindi film. I should be able to talk about it very soon! Another one of my films is Seetimaarr which is a Telugu film. I’m really looking forward to resuming the shoots soon! Both films have great scripts!

What will be your dream project, and what will be your dream role?

I dream to play something that’s larger than life!

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