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DJ Yogii

When did you start DJing, tell us about your journey?

People won’t believe this but when it started, it was with a fluke or should I say by chance.

I was traveling to New York in 2014 for a vacation and I was in a night club one evening where I felt like I could play better tracks. So I knew someone who got me to the console and I played few songs, the club went mad after that. I was not a professional artist at that time.

The same year I was called to play for a Holi party in New York (Debut Show) for a really big audience. I was happy for how well it went but then after coming back, I faced a lot of criticism for my work in which judgments started pouring in about my skills in the art. It was said that if I could be Dj then anyone could be.

My interest in music was there since I was a kid but I never thought I would be a DJ in life.

After a bad patch like in life, they were good days in my career, I started getting recognition for my work in the industry. I was still faced with bitter competitors and the politics in the industry.

But when your fans, family, and friends are there to support you, it gets a little easier and it made me work harder to get to where I am today.

Surely has been a tough journey but a great one till now.

How do you make use of technology?

When we talk about technology it has everything to do with phones, laptops, cd players, mixers, and television. Phones are used to keep in touch and stay connected and for listening to music on various apps. Laptops are used to download, edit, and play tracks. Cd players and mixers everyone know help to perform.

I watch less television. But the rotation of songs on big music channels gives you an idea about what is going on in the music world. So yes, in my industry technology plays a very important role and is the backbone of our work.

Do you think DJing is Art?

Djing is definitely an art, every Dj is an artist. Anyone can play the track from their phone. But when to play the track and then how to mix it is an art. So yes I would say it is an art, making people groove when they don’t want to as well.

What do you think about the future of the industry post-COVID-19?

Right now if we talk about COVID the whole world has stopped. All industries are seeing a downside. But the entertainment industry is seeing an all-time low. No live shows, and no social gatherings or parties. How will an artist earn, if trying to get some money for basic bread and butter is putting his life into danger? But I am 100 percent sure the day world restart our industry will boom 10x times and people will understand how important artists are.

Any Success stories during Lockdown?

Yes, I went through a physical transformation and lost 18 kgs weight and feel like a better version of myself mentally and physically. Produced my first remake for Bollywood song for the biggest Bollywood label in the world T-Series.

What do you think is the scope of live events after this?

Right now, it’s bad but as I mentioned above, whenever live events will start, it will boom so much that there won’t be a stop to it. I just want everyone to be positive and stay safe until then.

Please tell us some of your favorite albums.

I listen to all kinds of music. From Bollywood, Punjabi, Hip-hop, Edm, and Techno as well. And when I am alone and happy all the songs from 1990 to early 2000 are on the top of my list.

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