Physiotherapy is a science that helps improve movement dysfunction and promote functions of the human body and optimal health. It involves assessment, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disabilities through physical means. As we know, a physiotherapist helps patients rehabilitate from a state of incapacity due to a genetic defect or the result of an accident or illness. Physiotherapists must have excellent interpersonal skills including being empathetic, having patience and being able to understand people.
Our physiotherapy team has been contributing its share to societal change by using means of mass communication to educate my audiences about physiotherapy. While balancing my extensive work hours, our team also prepares and uploads funny yet relatable content on my social media. While my content has a humorous edge to it, it simultaneously informs people about why they should consider physiotherapy and the benefits of the same. As medical professionals, my team not only prioritizes my patients’ healthcare and physical rehabilitation but also try and contribute to a better and well-informed society by debunking the stigma surrounding women’s health and the effectiveness of physiotherapy. Rebecca and her team have not only changed the lives of those who were suffering from immobility and disability but also strived to bring change among netizens with their content. Often, we have received messages on social media from my audience, who say that after watching my content, they have had their perspectives completely turned around. The people who tried our simple exercises and followed the tips we shared on social media have experienced a drastic change in their pain levels.

We, as a team, also try to dedicate our time towards spreading more awareness about certain women’s health issues which are often neglected. We believe that for a society to function at its highest potential, it is vital that everyone gets fair and equal treatment.
In conclusion, while physiotherapy has just started to get recognition in the Indian medical sphere, our duty as medical professionals is to ensure that the common people stand a chance to truly witness a change in their lives; both in terms of physical mobility as well a broader outlook towards physiotherapy.

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