Exclusive interview with Anisha Malik.

Interviewed by – Sushneet Kaur Lifestyle Editor

Q1) Please enlighten our audience a little about yourself?

A very young professional to compete with the industry and people
within, as they say; but I took the chance and proved myself.
I have been lucky enough to be recognized and given this chance to
lead some of the most celebrated brands of the world in India;
however, the credit clearly goes to my mentors from the Infinite
Luxury Group.

I have been working in the area of my expertise; Marketing, PR,
Content, strategy, and events, for the last few years.
With the correct experience and support of all industry people, be it
editors, fashion directors, or brand heads, today, I can say, I stan
where I deserved, because of my hard work and collective applauds
from all these personalities. Till last month I was heading the Marketing & Communication for Bequest Group, which brought Saint Laurent, Berluti, Molton Brown, and other brands to India, I decided to move to another organization, and I shall announce the pleasing news soon.

Q2) How and When did you discover your love for PR and
Brand Management?

I have worked with one of the big four companies – Ernst & Young, in
the Audit & analysis wing, I have worked with Zomato, in their
analytics department;
Honestly, when I got this golden chance to showcase my creativity
and eventually lead brands in advertising, PR, and social media
segments, I realized this is where I belong.
Writing has been my passion; whether abstract writing or fashion
reporting or content for online/offline media – all this was best fit to
be used in the brand management and PR space.

Q3) What personality traits or characteristics are most
important to succeed in this field?

I Am glad this question exists as a part of this interview because
people really ignore it. There is obviously no set of traits, and it’s rather subjective. But yes, if you allow me to share my personal opinion, it is just ‘knowledge-based confidence’.There will be people ad organizations, that are hollow from inside, and don’t have the same gift as you do; yet they’ll try to break you down, or compete irrationally, The trick is smart work and being able to prove your efforts at the right time & place. The trait if has to be pointed out is simple ‘conviction’.

Q4) What does your Ideal day of Work-life look like?

I am actually glad to be in that space of my career/ professional life,
where am extensive; I have been working day & night on projects related to marketing & strategy, PR and press, styling, and Bollywood appearances;
however, I’ve also been mentoring students from fashion schools
and teaching them. It’s a mixed basket routine I would say, the day can be all rush-rush to align shoots for product launches, or it can be a day of just being in front of my screen, writing the press release for the event that we just closed. It’s fun holistically because it’s not boring at all.

Q5) Which Indian luxury brands according to you have the
potential to enter International Market?

That’s a very significant question.
I believe brands must enter the international market when they have
tested waters in their own country, of course, brands must have the
competitive advantage, and a benefit of being established for years,
on that note, I suggest brands like Sabyasachi should have its
couture stores in Paris, Dubai, London, Miami, LA.
Brands like Forest Essential also must be present to showcase Indian
luxe Ayurveda in Dubai, London, and Turkey.
I see a lot of potential in our brands, especially because of the
heritage value.

Q6) Which is your personal Favorite Social Media platform?

Favorite is surely Instagram; I love how the whole world of dramatic
visuals and flowy content is expressed on this platform, for people to
connect, watch, or share so much. I see a lot more potential on Pinterest.

Q7) How has your personal style evolved with time while
working with High-end Brands or your Style sense is innate?

Personal fashion has always been silently upgrading itself, and with
no doubt, I give all the credit to brands like Roberto Cavalli, YSL, and
Missoni, inspire me to experiment with flamboyant fashion too.

Q8) Which according to you are examples of some fashion
trends and Fads from years 2020 & 2021?

With the pandemic coming in, I think what could have been the most
powerful trend was not able to come out; I think Artificial intelligence would’ve been trending all over the fashion industry if people
continued to visit stores/boutiques. However, currently, I think the fashion trend is simply ‘shop what looks good visually (online)’.

Q9) Please share your experience in brief of working with
Luxurious Brands like Versace, Ysl, Roberto Cavalli and
many more from all around the world?

The experience has been sensational, and I promise you that the
learning was much more than the glamorous side of it, that everyone
imagines. Today I can stand strong to say, that working with Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Berluti, Saint Laurent, or even luxe fragrance brands like
Creed perfumes or Molton Brown, I understood and absorbed that
fashion, skincare, cosmetics, is vast, it’s a never-ending conceptual
world, with new introductions coming in every single day.
The key to being progressively in tune with these developments is to
stay updated and in sync with every aspect of the business of

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