July Face Magazine 2022


There is something magical about rain. They not just calm the parching earth but also symbolise creation and life.
At FACE we bring together an amalgamation of the extraordinary in the spaces of fashion, art culture and entertainment.
So it was only befitting that on the cover this July, for the Monsoon Edition, we have someone who is a fine example of all that and more.
The multi-platinum singer, songwriter and entrepreneur – Ananya Birla.

Listed as one of GQ’s Most Influential Young Indians and Forbes Woman to Watch, she is truly a role model for today’s youth, not just as a successful singer and mental health advocate. But also as an entrepreneur who is blazing her own path, and making history with her out-of-the-box ventures like ‘Svatantra’ and Mpower.

And while interviewing her I realised her roots run deep and is as effervescent as the first rain of the season.
So grab that hot cup of chai and curl up by the window to read the full interview, because just like the rains, Ananya Birla smells of change!

Happy reading!