June Face Magazine 2022


The sky seems closer, the stars seem easy to catch, and the world seems safe when seen from on top of his shoulders… He is every son’s hero and every daughter’s first love!

In this very special month of June dedicated to the phenomenon called “Father”- we have on our cover a very dynamic and talented father-son duo – Italian operatic tenor and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bocelli and son, Matteo Bocelli sharing with us what it takes to develop and nurture this extra special bond.

Times have changed and over the years so has “being a father”. Some are friendly, some are tough, some are fun to hang out with, some are strict, some are at home with their children all the time, some have to go out to work and stay apart, some are celebrities, some are influencers, but to their children, they are just DADS!

So here’s wishing all those lucky men out there who got to be one and to all the kids out there lucky enough to have one…Happy Father’s Day!!

Face magazine ❤️