Interviewed By Rishika Garg: October 2021

What was the most dangerous Stunt you have ever done

Standing on top of a plane no parachute. This stunt I felt the most adrenaline I have ever felt. The second the wind hit me when I exited the plane I was shaking but also very excited.

What are the projects have you got coming up?

I have been working on a new series called “fearless” where I take a new celebrity on every single episode to conquer their fears and do something extreme. Like skydiving, bull riding, shark diving 🙂

What would you say to anyone hoping to follow in your footsteps and walk in the stunt industry?

Safety first 🙂 only do things that you know you can do or that you have trained for. It can be very dangerous and injuries aren’t fun! But I do push everyone to live their life to the fullest and push themselves out of there comfort zone!

We saw that you really like doing pranks…Who influences you?

My ex-boyfriend and still very close friend is the master of pranks and taught me everything I know he saw how fearless I was and really pushed me to start filming everything I already was doing. I am very thankful for him.

Your Definition of Style? I love sexy business suites. Something about a woman in a suite is just so powerful and beautiful. I like a classy elegant powerful look. That’s my style.

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