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Game Changer: Madhuri Bhaduri

I had no artist in the family who could have paved a way for a profession or
made me believe that art could be a profession. I didn’t have the right
environment where someone encouraged me to paint and take it as a serious
profession. It took me my first ten years after being well received by an
audience to realize my potential. If you have an artistic environment there is
motivation all around and it becomes easier to follow a path. For me, I had to
find my own path and believe in it. Art is a very uncertain profession- walking
on a road and not knowing where it leads. As a result, just for the pure passion
of your work, you brush these hindrances aside and still pursue your path.
Living life entirely on my own, emotionally and financially with keeping your
reputation intact and having your ethics and middle-class values in place and
the strong sense of spiritual beliefs steered my way through all the obstacles.
To create a career in art where I had no mentor to guide and support or a
family member who had any inclination in this field…it was purely my passion
that drove me to where I am today. In the soul’s journey it helps to be self-
reliant and to believe in your own self which in turn empowers and makes you
more confident to face whatever comes your way in the path of life. The
emotional struggles that I faced also pushed the limits of my creativity. It was
only this form of creative expression that paved the way for a more confirmed
journey into the art world.

My spirit, energy and optimism were expressed in
the form of my works.

In the past few years, over 80 percent of all Generation Y art buyers moved to
buying fine art online. Curbing traditional means of communication, social
media allows you to speak with your followers about who you are and what
you are making. Someone can inquire about a piece, and in an instant, it’s sold.
The social media boom means artists no longer have to rely solely on galleries
and the art world elite to validate their success, while gallery representation is
still prestigious, it’s no longer necessary to go through this middleman. On the
contrary buyers could also get turned off by your social media presence if it is
not done well. The right balance that showcases your personality and
professionalism, to make sure you aren’t damaging your online art brand. Not
all social media impacts are beneficial. The way the art is moving is also more
or less with the times and that is definitely not changing. The worst thing to do
with change is deny that it’s happening and hold on too tightly to the past.
Remember: the traditional art world is changing, but it may be for the better!
Social media can help your art business, giving you access to wider audiences
and easier sales. Embracing this new marketing tool and experiencing the wonders it can do for your presence. It is important to make a balance and fair
choice of social engagement- it is a tool and not the end of it…it has to be used
for the very purpose of your journey. Your work gets precedence over
everything else, there are no shortcuts to success. Your discipline, your work
ethics, your talent cannot be compromised or discounted at the cost of social
profiling. One needs to be visible as well in modern times, if you’re not willing
to work around others and adapt to the surrounding you feel lost. I personally
want to live in the moment and make it precious. Life should be lived in the
best way that each one chooses. Visibility is important but needs to be
projected wisely- what and how much to project is an individual’s decision and
the choice eventually determines the footprints of his journey.

New media is redefining how the art world has moved from its traditional ways. New media art refers to artworks created with new media technologies, including digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art and art as biotechnology. Creativity maybe hampered due to technology, however
new ideas and media is a strong influencer if taken in a more affirmative,
positive and curious way in terms of learning new ways to adapt. The internet
allows us to expose ourselves easily to newer ideas and get acquainted with
information and happenings across the globe at the click of a button. We can’t
abandon the benefits and advantages of media and technology. A good blend
of new and traditional media would be the ideal way to go forward. Change is
integral for an individual’s freedom and in one’s journey it is not fair to judge
and opine- what works for you may not have worked for someone else.
However, we have to go forth bravely without fear and an open mind to accept
change as it will energize our thoughts in search of learning new ways to adapt,
improvise and create.

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