MARCH FACE Magazine 2022

They say behind every great man is a woman. But behind every great
the woman is another great woman.

Thankfully to education, women have become self-sufficient and are
no longer dependent on men to lead their lives. As an ideology for
me, woman empowerment and equality is not just fundamental
human right. It’s equally important to achieve a balanced and peaceful
society around us. Gone are the days when the purpose or objective
of a woman in the society was to just cook, raise children and feed
their husbands. The beauty of a women has always been that she is
versatile and malleable, so much so that she could do all the above
with all her might, and yet be the one paying the bills for the same.
Fortunately things have gotten enhanced for women, being it better
education to lesser-forced marriages, to more leadership positions,
and favorable laws being reformed. And so women, now more than
ever, are showcasing what they are really capable of.
Making the most of what they can. As always!

And so this month, in our special Women’s Day Issue, Face Magazine
wishes to throw light on such ladies who’ve made a difference in our
society. Their journeys are not any harder than those we didn’t feature
in our monthly spotlight; just handpicked amongst many whom we
aspire to mention, perhaps in the near future.

Here’s to all the strong women out there.
Maybe we know them.
May we be them.
May we raise them.