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Interviewed by Sukhmani Sadana: February 2021

You recently got married. How did you two get together?

I was 19, and I had just landed in London for my studies, and I was struggling with my suitcase in the halls. As luck would have it, there was Justas, this 6ft-something tall Lithuanian student, who offered to help me carry my bags. We got talking, and I thought he was cute, so I asked for his number to buy him a beer later, as a thank you. He never let me buy him that beer, but it was a great conversation starter in hindsight! We’ve been together ever since!

Yours was a truly unconventional one. What made you go with your Uber cool and exceptionally amazing denim wedding attire?

Because we only had a few days to prepare, I asked Justas what he wanted to wear. He suggested we recreate what we wore the first time we met. As much as I appreciated the poetic sentiment, I had met him straight after a red-eye flight, so I suggested we do an elevated version of those outfits. I wore ripped Levi’s jeans (my ‘something old’), a white shirt, and a blazer from Reiss and topped it with a Lanvin coat. My’ something new’ was a pair of white boots from Paris, Texas, and I wore my friend’s blue socks as my something borrowed.’ I must be the first bride to be ready in 15 minutes flat!

What’s your idea/definition of love?

No words will ever come close to describing the feeling!

What’s your favourite holiday destination as a couple and why?

We love exploring new countries, so we try to travel to different countries! If I had to choose though – I would say Italy, the food, the landscape, the art – it’s got the whole package.

Do you both compliment each other’s work and working environment?

Justas has always been the inspiration for everything I do. When I designed my first piece of jewelry, we were in university, and he was the one who constructed it for me. As an interaction designer, he’s been my sounding board. I look at things with an artistic and sculptural lens. He approaches things with a very technical and functional eye. So, for us, it’s the best kind of collaboration.

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