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Article by – Anisha Malik

Whether the bracing sunlight glances upon you or the surreal breeze passes by; it could also be the chilly tinge of the hills that silently trace you, irrespective… you’ll admire, absorb and incarnate this spiritual world in you. 

Taj, Rishikesh Resort & Spa, is an abode of everything natural.
At the most charismatic location, the juncture of the valley stands this beautiful castle of freshness. 

Taj is a luxury brand that brings to its guests; ‘grandeur experiences’. The memories built in the lap of nature at the hills in Rishikesh, the luxury service offered by Taj; are fond, precious, and ever-lasting, indeed. 

The property offers services that are a blend of relaxing massages, delicious cuisines, tranquil walks, and much more. There is a natural essence in the air that passes through each level of the property. The lounge and library are perfect recreational decks for relaxation. They offer warm seating, in-door & out-door, along with a beverage experience that is mind-blowing. The comfort of coffee, cocktails, and conversations, blended with the best cuisines, is a gem-pack! 

Subtle musical tones, in the background, add to the serene experience. 

An apt time to enjoy the set-up, in the early evening hour, just before the sun sets, while the scarlet rays spread its wings. The Masala chai, at Rock Flower deck, which is the open air space; is the most enchanting drink, served at the most beautiful spot of the property. The rich masala tea is prepared with Ginger, Holy Basil, Cardamom, boiled, and melded to bring a memorable experience. 

The walkways make you feel so content, the sloppy routes guide you to different experiential spots. There are buggies to assist, while the entire route covers; the Jiva spa, the pebble beach, the infinity pool, the yoga studio deck, and much more. Small exotic, fancy birds like the woodpecker chirp and peck on the trees around, while beautiful snuggly chameleons, attract your eye too. The hills compliment the river, and vice versa; the flowing water has a sound that is melodious.

Relaxation, solitude, rejuvenation, mediation; all concepts are re-defined beautifully, at this property. The service offered is a step above luxury! Another fun spot for family & friends is poolside, the sunlight shimmers upon those soaking in, it’s a blessing indeed.

“Jai Gange maa” is the verse that is sung, vowed, and preached every morning, and evening. The Ganges, the river, is a creation of God.
Water is an earthy element that supports and nourishes life. 



The Ganga aarti performed on the banks of river Ganges, in the evening with the bhajans and verses, is an experience that can be cherished for a lifetime.
At the juncture of the valley, where the river stream turns, it is a blessing to be receiving all the prayer positivity.
The aarti is an offering, all good gestures put together towards the superpowers, spiritual powers, god, and deities. A very very delightful experience, which must surely be a part of your itinerary during your stay at Taj, Rishikesh resort & spa.

The Jiva spa and massage is a “bliss” No other word can define this experience, but it is truly blissful, the spreading of rose petals, the bath with Ganga Jal, the cleansing with “Bhasma powder; it’s all a tale of tranquillity!

The USP of this property is the massage and spa, especially the “Shuddhi massage”, it is a relaxation massage, in a peaceful environment, performed professionally as a stress-relieving therapy. A must-try for all those seeking calm meditative restoration. The oil that the skin absorbs is skin nourishment, the petals spread scents that settle the mind, the Bela leaf paste enlightens the skin with its cool effect. The perfect stay-cation that includes relaxation, bonding with nature, fun time with family & friends, and much more, all combined to bring smiles,
curated by The Taj, Rishikesh Resort & Spa.

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